Into the Woods - A Foraging Day

Into the Woods - A Foraging Day


There are many reasons to love the Danish summer, for us seeing nature in full bounty has got to take the medal. 

One never knows how many days summer will last in this part of the world. So without a minute to waste, we rushed to Aarhus to hang out for a foraging day with our mates Mia Hjorth Hansen and Mads Schack

The pair has a strong knowledge of the local flora, picking various ingredients throughout the seasons to be used, infused, blended (and more) in their delicious cocktails at Gedulgt and Force Majeure

And if you don’t know these two legends yet, here is a bit of an intro. Mia, voted Best Bartender in Denmark two years in a row, is heading the team at the cocktail bar Gedulgt, a hidden gem in the city center of Aarhus. With her young and passionate team, Mia designed a 3-part creative menu, mixing playful libations, twists on classics, and changing seasonal tipples. 

Mads Schack is no stranger to Gedulgt himself, as he was heading the team there before opening Force Majeure in October 2020. Force Majeure is a hybrid space of sorts, a “liquor store meets cocktail bar” where Mads pours and shares his personal high-quality favorites and creates delicious cocktails to be enjoyed by his guests. Because what is better than shopping for your home bar with a glass in your hand?

Anyway, here was the plan for our Into the Woods, I Suppose day.

FORAGE, PREP, CREATE, SERVE. Easier said than done.

Into the woods, I Suppose

We arrived in Aarhus in the morning, ready to jump in Mia’s car to head to a secret foraging spot and see what we could find. Between the beach and the forest, we got ourselves quite a few delicious gifts of nature, like crab apples, woodruff, seaweed, beach rose petals, pineapple weed, and much more. 

Random fun fact: A Danish ruling of 1241 allows for one to gather as much as they can carry in a hat. As for the size of the hat? Your guess is as good as ours.


Then off we went back to Force Majeure to prep and create a whole 4-drink menu to be served two hours later at the bar. And if you thought the challenge was too easy thus far, you’re in for a treat. To make things harder, we put more conditions. All the drinks had to be based on our marzipan-forward spirit The Plum, I Suppose, and had to contain at least one foraged ingredient. Oh and of course, all we picked had to be used, one way or another.

Needless to say, the team exceeded our expectations and created 4 banging and distinctive cocktails in no time. And before you discover them, check out this video for the highlights of the day!




A super grassy and bright sour-style cocktail, highlighting the fruity layers of The Plum, I Suppose and elevated by a touch of smoke.


The Plum, I Suppose

Sorrel & Crab Apples


Blackberry flower


Smoky spray




A super floral take on the classic, bringing forth the marigold notes in The Plum, I Suppose.


The Plum, I Suppose


Beach Rose Petals

Cocchi Rosa Aperitivo


Nettle Seeds




A highly refreshing highball, combining the vanilla-like aromas of woodruff and the marzipan notes of The Plum, I Suppose.


The Plum, I Suppose

Pineapple Weed

Woodruff Oil





An Umami take on the famous Gibson, because yes, mushroom, seaweed, and The Plum, I Suppose are a match made in heaven.


The Plum, I Suppose

Seaweed vermouth

Judas’ ears mushrooms

Manzanilla sherry




We sure had a blast with the Danish gang, and looking forward to see what’s in next season! 

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