Harry Plum Fizz

Harry Plum Fizz


We caught our friend Harry Bell from Tata (voted best bartender in Denmark two years in a row at the Bartenders Choice Awards) at home early in the morning and asked him to fix us a quick drink. He did not disappoint.


Harry Plum Fizz


4cl The Plum, I Suppose
1cl Lime Juice
1cl Lemon Juice
2cl Simple Syrup
2cl Cream
1 Egg White (keep the yolk for Carbonara)
Orange Blossom Water
5cl Soda Water


Combine all ingredients (except Soda Water) in a shaker and dry shake.
Add ice and hard shake until a foam builds.
In a long glass, add 5cl soda water and strain the drink into it.
Garnish with a lemon zest.


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