Annin Nai

Annin Nai


Recipe by Sasha Wijidessa, Research & Development.


40mL Empirical The Plum I Suppose
15mL Osmanthus Flower Maceration* (recipe below)
100mL Ginger Almond Milk** (recipe below)
20mL Honey Water (1:1 honey and water)
4mL Fresh Lime Juice


Add all ingredients into a shaker and shake.
Double strain into a cup.

*Osmanthus Flower Maceration

25g Dried Osmanthus Flower
500mL Vodka

Combine Dried Osmanthus Flower and Vodka in a vac pac/ jar and leave overnight at room temperature to macerate.  Once maceration is done, fine strain with muslin cloth.

**Ginger Almond Milk

500mL Almond Milk (Recipe below) (Alternatively can use store bought Almond Milk)
15g Grated ginger

Grate 15g of fresh ginger into 500mL of Almond Milk, mix well, and strain using tea strainer, pressing ginger pulp until completely dry.

Almond Milk

165g Raw Almond
500mL Water

Combine Almond and Water in a vac pac/jar and leave overnight at room temperature to soften Almonds.

The following day, transfer to a blender and blend on high to make Almond Milk, strain with muslin cloth and reserve.

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