Xoco Martini

Xoco Martini


Open the bottle, pour yourself a generous drop of Empirical x Xoco Gourmet and get inspired. As the spirit warms up, discover the fruity notes of the cacao husk, balancing the toasty and chocolate-forward layers of the spirit. Yes, it is delicious!

Let the delicate fruity and cacao-forward notes of Empirical x Xoco Gourmet unfold in this delicious twist on a classic Martini.


5 to 6 cl Empirical x Xoco

1.5cl Cocchi Americano

1 dash chocolate bitters

Garnish with a piece of your 70% Mayan Red chocolate



Pour all the ingredients over ice in your mixing glass. 

Stir until sufficiently chilled and diluted. 

Strain into your favorite martini glass. 

Enjoy with a bite of 70% Mayan Red chocolate


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