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Elixir 01

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Elixir 01 is a Scandinavian interpretation of traditional shoyu making.

Organic fava beans grown north of Gothenburg in Sweden replace the soybeans and lend their nutty aroma and buttery taste.

The fava beans are first soaked, strained and steamed. Danish heritage Øland Wheat is roasted, cracked and mixed in. A hybrid strain of Aspergillus Sojae and Aspergillus Oryzae is used to ferment our koji over 48 hours.

Water and French Sel Gris are added to the koji and left to deepen in flavor for 6 to 8 weeks before pressing. This unrefined coarse salt from the Loire region in France brings ocean minerality while its still active marine yeast provides fruity, estery notes.

The Elixir 01 is then centrifuged, gently heated to concentrate the flavors and cooled down before bottling.