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Starter Pack

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Why pick one when you can have them all?

The perfect go-to pack for all indecisive minds and want-a-bit-of-everything souls. Experience the full uncategorized Empirical range in this beautiful box with a load of stickers and limited edition tote bag. To be shared, gifted or enjoyed by oneself, it’s got all you need to get you started!

Here is the full rundown. 

Symphony 6 (1 x 10cl)
Experience an endless summer with citrusy, bright, floral, and fragrant tones from 6 different leaves.

The Plum, I Suppose (1 x 10cl)
Wrap yourself in the comforting marzipan depth of plum kernels, brightened by the floral notes of marigold.

Ayuuk (1 x 10cl)
Travel to Oaxaca with the delicious, fruity, smokiness of Pasilla Mixe chili.

CAN 01 (x1)
Embrace the delicate fizz and bright acidity of CAN 01 balanced by creamy and flowery layers of oolong tea.

CAN 02 (x1)
Delight your taste buds with this effervescent, fruity, floral, and zesty can.

CAN 03 (x1)
Refresh your palate with the enlivening citrus notes, warm toasty layers, and coconut-like depth of CAN 03.

Uncategorized Tote (x1)
Go about the town with your new heavy weight 100% organic cotton Uncategorized black tote bag. Printed on both sides, the message won’t go unnoticed.

Go on, we know you need it.