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Taster Pack

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All good things come in threes. 
And this is no exception.

Get a feel for Ayuuk, Symphony 6 and the Plum, I Suppose in these super handy 10cl tasters. Ideal to discover or rediscover each expression in a pocket-sized format.

Play around with them, share them, drink them, you’re the boss.


Make It Empirical

To get you started, check out our recommended recipes.

Ayuuk (1 x 10cl)

Try it with ginger ale and a slice of lime. Smooth and delicious.

Ayuuk & Ginger Ale recipe

Symphony 6 (1 x 10cl)

Try it over ice with your favorite tonic, we like it with Mediterranean.

Symphonic recipe

The Plum, I Suppose (1 x 10cl)

Try it simply with tonic and a slice of lemon. Or go wild and try it in a Manhattan.

The Plum, I Suppose & Cirtus Soda recipe