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Elixir 02

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rich and earthy,
a bit of fruitiness


Put it in stuff.

Elixir 02 is a canvas to explore the possibilities of liquid umami.

At Empirical, if there is flavor in something, there is a possibility.

We take our brewers’ grain and combine it with barley koji, water, and salt to ferment for several months and create a dark umami liquid bomb.

It becomes a great canvas for flavors, whether we choose to infuse it with different ingredients or age it in barrels from our spirit production.

In this iteration of Elixir 02, Eric played with a selection of teas from our library. After testing different quantities over different lengths of time, he picked Lapsang Souchong, a black tea smoked over pine bark.

Cold-infused after the heating and then strained, the complex smoky and tannic notes of the tea come out to provide a rich body to the delicate Elixir 02.