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Pasilla Sauce

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Put it on stuff.

The Pasilla Sauce (ex-Hot Sauce 02) focuses on the complex flavors of the Pasilla Mixe chili. 

A sauce with a focus on balance and complexity, rather than intensity and spice.
The Pasilla Mixe chilies are showcased in our spirit Ayuuk, with fruity, earthy and smoky flavors, reminiscent of the aromas of the Oaxacan landscape.

Following the maceration in our spirit, the chilies are strained, lacto-fermented and used as a foundation.

Layers of complexity are added; shio koji for umami, beetroot for earthy sweetness, and blackberry for a fruit-forward palate.

Acidity from galangal, lemongrass vinegar and baobab flour balances out our Pasilla Sauce.

Customer reviews

”The Pasilla Sauce is really amazing, round sour smoky,
perfect. And the choice of the ingredients also really interesting.”

– Stefano, Italy

“I use it for everything, even for my breakfasts, the flavor is outstanding, salty, umami, sweet, sour spicy. Basically everything you need to have an amazing experience!”

– David, France