Symphony 6 is a moment in an eternal summer. Breezes through a citrus grove, a kiss of black currant buds, depth of coffee leaves, musk and leather notes, a never-lost evening.

“Flavor is an incredibly powerful way of registering memories. The stories of our lives can be captured through flavors.” - Lars Williams.

Symphony 6 is a melody.

Symphony 6 is complex, of highs and lows, conflict and resolve, a melody we took our time to master. 

Symphony 6 explores the potential of often underutilized leaves. It plays with the fragrant flavor profiles of mandarin, lemon, coffee, black currant and fig leaves elevated by deep notes of ambrette seeds and vetiver roots.

  • Symphony 6 cocktail in a lowball glass, Symphonic


    Harmony in simplicity. Pair Symphony 6 with a Mediterranean style tonic and go back to that special evening by the water, when the summer breeze matches the melody of languid waves.

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  • Symphony 6 cocktail in a flute glass, Symphony 75

    Symphony 75

    The delicate aromas of citrus groves on a sun-drenched day find their way in this twist on a classic French 75. Refreshing and bright, your favorite sunset in a glass.

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  • Symphony 6 blue cocktail, Cloud 9

    Cloud 9

    Feeling comfortable in your most colourful outfit. Dancing like no one is watching. Drinking blue cocktails without any remorse. Letting your guilty pleasure become just pleasure, one sip at a time.

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"Empirical is forever inspired by the role flavor plays in our ability to create and transport experiences."

  • When you first taste the black currant aromas and acidity of the citrus leaves? Will you think of that perfect twilight moment enjoyed on holiday?

  • When the green fruit fig leaves hit your tastebuds – will it make you think of eternal summer or talking to your crush as a teenager?

  • What will you remember when the coffee leaves bring in their musky leather notes? Will you think of the dark underbelly of a city? Will it be real or imagined?

Empirical is a flavor company.

Taking a flavor-first approach means we find great ingredients and turn them into delicious experiences. Learn more about the Empirical way.



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