Because not everybody wants to go through January the dry way.

Maybe you’ve tried our CANS, just our spirits, or both separately. BUT, have you ever thought of them combined? Together, they work in mysterious ways.

Trust us.

And this month, whenever you buy one of our core spirits Ayuuk, The Plum, I Suppose or Symphony 6, we will throw in a free 4-pack of CANs for you to try. You’re welcome.

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We selected the perfect CAN for our three core spirits, for an ultimate Empirical experience.

  • The Plum, I Suppose, finds its match in CAN 01. The delicate marzipan notes of the spirit are elevated by the creamy layers of oolong tea and bright acidity of green gooseberry of CAN 01. Like a perfect tart fresh out of the oven. Best enjoyed in a flute.

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  • Enjoy the burst of cherries and fragrant blackcurrants in CAN 02 with the smoky fruitiness of Ayuuk. An unexpected combination to be playing with in your favorite highball glass.

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  • Symphony 6 and CAN 03 come together for a transcendent citrus explosion. Ideal for a well-deserved spritz-like libation, no matter the season.

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