Mary Mary

Mary Mary


Here comes the Mary Mary, the spin on the iconic cocktail you didn’t know you needed. 

Why eat your snacks when you can drink them?

Turn your Bloody Mary into a one-of-a-kind drinking experience with the savory kick and delicious corny layers of your favorite Nacho Cheese Doritos.


1 1/2oz / 4.5l Empirical X Doritos

1/2oz / 1.5cl Tequila

3oz / 9cl tomato juice

Bar spoon lemon juice

Bar spoon Worcestershire sauce

Big pinch of celery salt

Big pinch of cracked black pepper

Tiny pinch of Cayenne pepper



   Build all ingredients in a Collins glass

   Add ice & pass a bar spoon through the drink 3-4 times

   Garnish with pepperoncini, seasoned celery & a pickled onion.

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