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The Plum, I Suppose

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      Neat or over ice with citrus soda.

      Feels like

      The marzipan aroma of frangipane tarts in Grandma's kitchen from childhood. ⁠This spirit was in fact inspired by a dessert Lars once had; he still maintains that this is the best dessert of all time.

      Plum, I Suppose - Simple Serve recipe

      Watch Iain Griffiths mix a The Plum, I Suppose, Soda and Lime simple-serve cocktail - one of the simplest ways to enjoy the spirit.


      The Plum, I Suppose relies on the balance between two very different components. The kernel inside the plum stones is the foundation of this spirit, lending a marzipan, bitter almond flavor. Distilled marigold kombucha contributes floral and tannic notes somehow reminiscent of plum skins.

      Our head of R&D Chris was doing a deep-dive into the idea of what we consider a tea (shaved woods, fresh fig leaves, dried fruits, etc.) things that were teas in the sense that they were dried “herbs”, but not necessarily a typical tea. That’s how we got to marigold: it has a tonic, floral note to it that adds both vibrance and aromatics to the final spirit.

      The Plum, I Suppose is an instance where two very different ingredients combine to form a third completely different expression. The name is a reference to the Robert Frost poem, “The Rose Family.” One gets the sense of a delicate umeshu, a slight plum fruit flavor over an undercurrent of bottom notes that are ephemerally familiar. The top notes are what brought us to the name; there is no fruit in the spirit at all.

      The kernel inside plum stones is the foundation of this spirit. Rather than tasting of stone fruit, the kernel lends a marzipan, bitter almond flavor. Distilled marigold kombucha brings another side of floral and tannic notes reminiscent of plum skins; the combination is sort of the suggestion of plum, hence the reference to the Robert Frost poem. Perception of sweetness with a refreshing finish. Keep refrigerated.

      32% ABV

      Only natural ingredients. 
      Everything made from scratch.
      No sugar added. Uncategorized.